Tools for Organizers - HomeZada: Providing Clients the Value of Digital Home Management

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Friday, May 20, 2016 - 8:00am to 9:30am
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Learn how to help clients digitally organized one of their largest assets, their home.  Managing the items in the home, as well as, the structure itself can be challenging. Help your clients understand and document what they own to help them provide visibility and knowledge about their possessions.  And help them learn how to take care of their home to have a safe, efficient and healthy home.  By helping your clients understand digital home management, they can access the information anywhere they need to view the information and have a central repository for all things home giving them the ability to manage the details about their home effectively.


  • Identify services opportunities for your business
  • Support your clients with data about their home in one place
  • Help your clients become more aware of what they own and how to take care of it
  • Help your clients become more organized and proactive in managing standard homeowner activities


Manage your largest asset, your home in one place. HomeZada is a digital home management solution to help your manage the data about your home for insurance, maintenance, remodeling, and financial purposes. Track home inventory, home maintenance tasks, home remodeling and design projects in one place. Save money, improve value, and get organized with smart applications offered by HomeZada. HomeZada Professional provides professionals the ability to improve and differentiate their service and build long-term client loyalty for increased client retention and loyalty.