NAPO Sustainability Practices

NAPO2016 will strive to reduce the environmental footprint of the conference through the implementation of sustainability initiatives. Listed below are some of the actions that will be taken during the planning phase and at the conference.

  • Recycling: Paper, plastic, glass and tins will be recycled. Recycling centers will be set up around the venue and attendees will be reminded to make use of them.  Attendees will be encouraged to leave unwanted name badges and lanyards for re-use.
  • Water Stations: Instead of plastic water bottles, the hotel will have water coolers set up throughout the conference space. 
  • Online conference materials: NAPO will provide online conference materials when possible to prevent the unnecessary waste of printing.
  • The menu: Menus to be designed using local, seasonal produce and where possible, condiments such as sugars and sauces will be served in glassware rather than individually pre-packaged.
  • Accommodations: The Sheraton Atlanta hotel will be encouraged to follow a green policy for the duration of the conference. Delegates will be encouraged to assist with this policy by only changing linen and towels on request and remembering to switch off their lights and air conditioning when they are not in their hotel rooms.  The hotel will send back used bar soap and bottled amenities. They are recycled, made usable, and given back to those in need. The hotel recycles 80% of laundry water.
  • Guestroom folios:  The hotel will deliver “e-folios” for room charges instead of paper receipts in an effort to save paper
  • Swap Table: A swap table will be available to give away items you don't wish to take home with you. 

How can you help? 

  • B.Y.O.B. (Water bottle that is) and fill up at one of the water stations throughout the conference space to reduce the amount of cups used. 
  • Stay Green: To save energy, water and resources, we encourage attendees to take advantage of the hotel’s linen reuse program by hanging towels up after each use, unplugging any electrical devices when fully charged, raising the thermostat by 2 degrees, taking shorter showers, turning off all lights and closing the drapes when leaving your room. Consider bringing your own toiletries so you can leave the miniature bottles of shampoo and lotion in the room, unopened for future guests.
  • Make a Green Choice:  At Sheraton Atlanta guests have the option to forego their full housekeeping for up to three days in a row with Make a Green Choice. This world-wide sustainability program helps Sheraton reduce their environmental footprint. By participating in this program guests receive 250-500 Starpoints® or a $5 food and beverage voucher.