NAPO Georgia Takes ATL

NAPO Georgia members were excited to visit the Conference hotel and show you what’s in store for all of us. Enjoy their fun tour photos! 

(L to R) Laura Ray, Carrie Peeples, Stephanie Christopoulos, Lara Anderson, and Judith Kolberg, outside the restaurant/bar which overlooks the pool.

(L to R) Stephanie Christopoulos, Carrie Peeples, Laura Ray, Lara Anderson, Deborah Kapchinske, Scott Johnson, and Judith Kolberg, in a “conversation corner” at the hotel’s restaurant/bar.

NAPO Georgia members ordered food at the restaurant/bar and were very impressed. Delicious flatbread pizza was one item they shared.

(L to R) Deborah Kapchinske, Carrie Peeples, and Laura Ray, toast to Conference 2016 in Atlanta!

They found out the hotel offers top-rated wine offerings!

Judith Kolberg stops Carrie Peeples from jumping in the water! What would we do without Judith?

(L to R) Laura Ray, Stephanie Christopoulos, and Lara Anderson, “tada” at the gorgeous pool that even has a retractable roof to stay open for rainy days!

(L to R) Carrie Peeples, Scott Johnson and Deborah Kapchinske strike a pose poolside!